Frequently Asked Questions

In the movement practice of the 5 Rhythms, rhythm is regarded as a state of being.

There is actually no specific measure of time for any rhythm. Rhythm is part of a natural process. This process can take only a few seconds (e. g., thoughts), or several hours (e. g., business talks, walks), or years (e. g., phases of life) or centuries (e. g., eras).

Of course, it is up to you how long you dance through a rhythm or a Wave. You should follow your own energy, go with your process. Eventually, it simply depends on the amount of time at your disposal.

No. Just follow your intuition. And in case you only have but little time, you should remember that it is always better to dance through one or two rhythms than not to move at all.

You should wear comfortable clothing. Ideally, you wear several layers of clothing (T-shirt, sweatshirt), so you can take off or put on a garment when you feel hot or cool respectively.

The best would be to dance with bare feet, because you have direct contact to the ground. If you want to wear shoes, I recommend light dancing or sports shoes.

Don’t worry. 5 Rhythms is not about “making it through”. It’s rather about following your energy without pushing nor restraining yourself.

Move more slowly and with reduced movements when you feel exhausted, don’t hold your energy back when you feel strong.

You will realize that your energy level changes when you respect it and move accordingly.
And be assured: When you dance the 5 Rhythms on a regular basis, your shape will improve.

  1. The movement practice of the 5 Rhythms is about expressing in a dance everything we feel and everything that’s in us. Therefore, we have to listen to our bodies – and it is impossible to listen to our bodies when we talk.
  2. Our energy follows our attention. If we focus our attention on our bodies, we arrive at a physical, instinctive level where we are connected to ourselves. Our own authentic dance evolves. When we talk we leave this physical level.

Dancing with a partner offers you the opportunity

  • to experience yourself in contact with another person,
  • to get inspired and to inspire in return,
  • to have fun together,
  • to be connected with yourself and at the same time give your attention to someone else

When you still need time to feel yourself, to get connected with yourself, because only when you are connected to yourself you can truly tune in on someone else. Otherwise, there is “nobody at home” to be visited and to share a dance with.

Do respect the time you need for yourself.

When your reluctance is caused by thoughts such as: “I can’t do this. I don’t know what to do. I am not good enough for my partner. My partner is not good enough for me. I can’t dance to this music with a partner, etc.” Recognize these thoughts for what they are: human pretexts, excuses and expressions of reluctance. Do not let them dominate you. Instead, start moving with your shyness, your self-doubt and your arrogance. Use your dance as a chance to experiment with these different sides of your personality.

When you recognize and express your feelings, your feelings can change.

Feel your body, feel your feet on the ground, breathe. Focus on your energy. Now feel the energy of the person you dance with. Be sincere. Sincereness is the key to connecting with others.

If you are an experienced 5 Rhythms dancer, share your skills with your partner.

For each rhythm there are different kinds of „support“ for finding ways to share a dance with others. Many exercises in my classes and workshops focus on dancing with partners.