5 Rhythms classes

In the evening sessions of the ongoing 5 Rhythm classes we dance through a guided Wave, experiencing the dynamics of a Wave in all its phases: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. Everyone can dance the 5 Rhythms, regardless of age, fitness level or dancing experience.

An evening session usually consists of 5 phases:


We start moving to music during the warmup. We limber up, stretch and dance to the music. We move freely, as it pleases us, in order to arrive in our bodies, in the room and in the group.


I give you a brief outline of the evening and inform you on organizational issues and / or on the session’s main subject.


We focus on the different parts of our bodies and move them, listening to our bodies and feeling their energy. During Bodyparts we move alone as well as with partners.


Giving ourselves to a guided “Wave“, we dance through a sequence of all 5 Rhythms.

Feedback round

The sessions of a 5 Rhythms class build on one another. The first sessions are basically devoted to exploring different possibilities of dancing each rhythm. The main focus lies on the particular “technique” of each rhythm and on those things that support your practice of the 5 Rhythms: presence of mind and body, grounding, breathing, permission, fun.
Ongoing 5 Rhythms classes have major topics which we will explore in the different sessions of each class.
Examples of such topics are:

  • The specific movement patterns of the 5 Rhythms
  • The rhythms within a rhythm
  • The transitions in 5 Rhythms
  • Space, proximity/distance
  • Space, within/without
  • Dancing with partners, contact-encounter-relationship
  • Community, getting and giving support
  • Breath in 5 Rhythms
  • Voice in 5 Rhythms
  • Dancing from the center of the body
  • Elements of the 5 Rhythms
  • Everyday life and 5 Rhythms
  • Ritual theatre and 5 Rhythms

You can visit the first session of each class as a trial lesson.