5 Rhythms Individual lessons

I recommend individual lessons to people who grapple with personal issues. My individual lessons offer a personal approach to requests such as

  • specific instruction to the 5 Rhythms,
  • expanding the repertoire of your movements and personal expression,
  • optimizing your personal appearance,
  • finding support in case of psychic conflict and developing strategies to overcome it.

In my individual lessons, I bring to bear my knowledge as well as my experience as a 5 Rhythms teacher, dance therapist (integrative dance therapy), dancer and pedagogue. The individual lesson’s basic approach focuses on body and movement.

Individual lessons are suited for people who

  • want to experience themselves through their body,
  • have psychosomatic problems,
  • want to access their source of energy, suffer from burnout,
  • affective disorder, depression,
  • eating disorder,
  • are in crisis,
  • suffer from phobia,
  • are in managerial/ executive position and want to achieve a positive and authentic appearance,
  • suffer from sexual dysfunction,
  • have addiction problems,
  • suffer from schizophrenia.

I offer individual lessons in own premises in Frankfurt/Main. If desired, individual lessons booked by institutions can take place in their own premises.

Please contact Andea Brecht for detailed information.

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