5 Rhythms evening sessions: Sweat Your Prayers

It’s fun and inspiring to dance the 5 Rhythms with others. In dance gatherings, for which Gabrielle Roth coined the motto “Sweat Your Prayers”, people come together to do just that.

These gatherings or evening sessions consist of guided as well as free dancing phases. Evenings marked with a * (see list of Upcoming Dates) are open to everyone. There will be a brief introduction into the 5 Rhythms. The evening sessions are ideal for trying out and getting to know the 5 Rhythms.

All other evenings are open to everybody who has basic experience in 5 Rhythms (i. e. he or she has completed at least one class or workshop). No advance registration is required.

The different phases of Sweat Your Prayers

The evening session begins with a

  • Warm-up.
    In the beginning of the evening session, I provide music to which you can move freely in order to arrive at yourselves, in the room and in the group.
    The ensuing phase is called
  • Bodyparts.
    In order to prepare ourselves for dancing through the 5 Rhythms, we practice the so-called Bodyparts, a specific form of movement meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth. The more we feel our bodies, the more we can give ourselves over to the Wave. This is the reason why, during Bodyparts, we focus on the different parts of our bodies by moving them, thus consciously perceiving them.
    Now we are ready for a
  • Guided Wave (only at evenings open to everyone).
    During the guided Wave, I guide you through the rhythms in order to make beginners familiar with the specific movement patterns of each rhythm and to inspire experienced and advanced dancers with ever new ideas of exploring the rhythms.
    We continue dancing through the
  • Wave.
    Now you can dance freely and explore the rhythms on your own, with partners, with the group.

What supports your dance?

Whatever you perceive and feel – allow it to be there in your dance and move with it. Suppressing feelings only wastes energy and makes you tired.

The more you allow yourself to move in accordance with the way you feel in the very moment, without restraining or pushing yourself, the easier it is for you to connect to your energy and your dance.

The more you let go of all intention when exploring your dance, the further you will push the boundaries of your experience and you will move with ever growing freedom.

If you become absorbed in thought it might be helpful to pay attention to your body. For example, feel your feet, make different parts of your body move together, listen to your breath and breathe more deeply. Give yourself over to the music.

It might well be that you like some music tracks more than others. Humour and curiosity can be a big help to experiment with music you don’t like at first – you might discover unexpected creative possibilities for moving.

Some practical guidelines

  1. Please do not speak on the dance floor. Communicate with your body.
  2. Please do not wear heavy jewellery! You could hurt yourself and others!
  3. It is advisable to bring along a bottle of water and to drink whenever you feel thirsty.
  4. Allow yourself to have fun. Being overly serious may limit your possibilities.
  5. You are the one who is responsible for yourself, your body and your experiences.