Presence – Devotion to the moment

5 Rhythms „Waves“ Workshop

In this workshop the 5 Rhythms will teach us in a playful way to entrust ourselves to the ground and to experience what it means to be carried. Trust is fundamental to our devotion to the moment. We are present with all that there is within us: ferocity, tenderness, ecstasy, liveliness … Our presence allows us to find refuge in the rhythm. Movement becomes our medicine, energy becomes our language.

This workshop is suited for both, experienced 5 Rhythms dancers and people who want to get to know the 5 Rhythms.

„Dance the 5 Rhythms“

5 Rhythms „Waves“ Workshop

The 5 rhythms Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness are a movement and dance practice that forms a wave when danced in its natural sequence.

During this workshop we dance through a „Wave“ and become familiar with the specific movement patterns of the 5 Rhythms that connect us in a simple, yet profound way with ourselves. This is the basis to express ourselves in each rhythm and to create our own individual dance.

Being carefully aware of that which takes place in every moment and by going with it in our movements, we create direct access to the source of our energy and our own authentic creative expression.

In the process we can discover in each rhythm different and sometimes unknown aspects of ourselves. Each rhythm is like a catalyst which allows us to unlock the door to our psyche and to heal it through the dance.

In the 5 Rhythms, major focus is put on our body, our body awareness and all experiences on a physical and instinctive level. They are also, in a very practical way, about being present and being in motion, with all that we perceive.
„Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.” Gabrielle Roth

This workshop is an invitation to everyone to awaken the dancer within himself, regardless of age and experience.

Introduction to Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms

5 Rhythms „Waves“ Workshop

The 5 rhythms Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness are a form of ecstatic dance. They follow a universal pattern which we can find in all natural processes.

In Flowing we become aware. This rhythm is about our body.

In Staccato we express: our heart joins in.

In Chaos we let go. Our mind is at the focal point of this rhythm.

In Lyrical our body, our heart and our mind unite: now the dance of our soul emerges.

In Stillness we rest in our being.

When we unfold our joy of moving freely and go with our energy when we dance, our own individual dance can arise, allowing us to enter a new dimension of our perception. In this state we are connected with the source of both our energy and our creative expression. We now encounter others in a simple, natural and authentic way.

There will be an introduction to each rhythm as we go with the natural dynamic of a Wave, experiencing all its sequences.

This workshop is designed for those who are interested in dance, longtime „wave riders“ and people who want to get to know the 5 Rhythms, regardless of age or previous experience.

„Dancing Emotions – The Permission to be who I am”

5 Rhythms „Heartbeat“ Workshop

In this workshop we explore our body’s knowledge of our heart and dance through the 5 Rhythms with the energy of our emotions. Feeling and expressing through motion the many facets of our feelings, we become familiar with them. It also relieves us and causes our vitality to flow. For to hold back emotions is exhausting. Suppressed emotions burden us and, if they have been bottled up long enough, they may erupt in an explosive and totally inappropriate way.

The more we become familiar with our emotions, the more it is us who decide our actions. We are able to stop emotional “loops” that have seemed to dominate our lives so far.

By developing a physical vocabulary for our emotions, we are able to better adjust them without being flooded with them.
We are able to act clearly, adequately, authentically and from heart.

When we allow ourselves to be one with our emotions, we allow ourselves to be who we are in all our plenitude.

This workshop requires basic knowledge of the 5 Rhythms (at least one workshop/class).

„5 Rhythms Annual Group“

5 Rhythms „Heartbeat“ workshop, series of 4 modules

The annual group is a nine month expedition to discover our plenitude and vitality. Dancing, we plunge deeply into each of the 5 Rhythms’ energy fields, exploring the five basic emotions of fear, anger, sadness joy and compassion in an ongoing supportive group.

The support of the group is also available in the period between the sessions.

For participation in the annual group, a minimum of 20 hours of previous 5 Rhythms class or workshop experience is required.

Midsummer Night Celebration: Wave at the Wood.

A celebration night in free nature with dance, campfire and a common meal

Midsummer night (St John’s Eve) is the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere and the time of the sun’s maximum elevation.

There are many ancient customs and rituals related to this magical day.

Our Midsummer night celebration takes place outdoors, in free nature. We dance through the rhythms on a beautifully situated estate – in direct contact with earth, fire, water and wind. Later on we will gather on the roofed porch for a common meal.

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