The 5 Rhythms

Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms are a meditation and dance practice, designed to awaken the dancer within each one of us, regardless of experience, age and physical shape.

We want to be aware of that which lives inside of us and longs for expression. Dancing the 5 Rhythms we express it.

As we dance the 5 Rhythms, we free our body from all suppressed emotions and thoughts. Our blocked energy starts to flow again and we feel our vitality. There is literally nothing which could not be moved through dance.

As we dance 5 the 5 Rhythms, we access a physical and instinctive level. We connect with the source of both our energy and our creative expression. We now encounter others in a simple, natural and authentic way: we are fully present.

In the rhythm of Flowing we become aware.
In the rhythm of Staccato we express.
In the rhythm of Chaos we let go.
In the rhythm of Lyrical the dance of our soul emerges.
In the rhythm of Stillness we rest in our being.

The 5 Rhythms follow a universal pattern that swells and ebbs with a wave-like dynamic – hence the term “Wave” was coined for the complete sequence of all five rhythms.

Each Wave takes us to ourselves. What is torn is mended, we experience a state of unity.

“Put the psyche into motion and it will heal itself.” – Gabrielle Roth

A Wave starts with the rhythm of Flowing.


A Wave starts with the rhythm of Flowing, with smooth, flowing movements. Each movement merges into another.

We are physically aware of our energy level and how we feel. We are receptive.

Devoting ourselves to the eternal continuity of our movements and giving our weight to the ground, we experience an essential quality of this rhythm.

We connect to the stream of our energy and we know we are being carried.

The next rhythm is Staccato.


In Staccato, the next rhythm, we connect ourselves to the power of our hearts.

We dance to the beat of the music, moving in forms – straight, focused, active and precise. We express ourselves.

By consciously giving direction to our dance we take on positions. We make decisions, again and again. Clarity, self-confidence and an astute awareness of our own integrity emerge. We know what we want and what we don’t want.

“Maybe”, “let’s see”, “possibly” become a clear “yes” or “no”.

We are fully present in each form.

The next rhythm is  Chaos.


Chaos, the third rhythm, unifies the opposing rhythms Flowing and Staccato. Forms dissolve and, moving, we let our bodies go.

Our movements are chaotic and unpredictable.

Our „on-button“ has been pressed: Here we are with all our vitality. We are used to perceive ourselves mainly with our minds. In Chaos, we enter a state of total awareness, of total openness to our intuition.

We are in ecstasy.

The next rhythm is Lyrical.


The first three rhythms unite our body, our heart and our mind. In Lyrical, the next rhythm, from this harmony emerges our own individual, authentic dance, the dance of our soul.

A change of energy takes place: Imagine you have cried or laughed intensely for a long time and suddenly you breathe with relieve. A moment ago your body was shaken convulsively by pain or joy – now you feel relief, breathe more deeply and feel relaxed.

When we are able to let go and to release ourselves from physical, emotional or mental blockages, we feel lighter.

The next rhythm is Stillness.


In Stillness, the final rhythm, our movements slow down. We have a strong feeling of awareness of ourselves, of being connected to ourselves, to others and to a greater whole. We have arrived and feel safe and secure.

There is nothing left to do but just be.