Dates 5 Rhythms

Power – Dance yourself free!



11:00 - 17:00

In the 5 Rhythms, we follow our deepest instincts. We listen to our body who knows the way to the source of our energy. With each movement we clear the way that leads us there.
To connect oneself with one’s power means to appreciate one’s natural tension and vitality. If we let this happen, we create space, our own space. It is life itself that that gives us the right to be in our space with our power.
Dance yourself free!

This workshop is open to everybody, with or without dancing experience, regardless of age and shape.

Please send the registration form to Ms. Ingrid Kolb, who is in charge of all organisational issues:
Weidekamp 10, 57078 Siegen. Phone: 0271-84425, e-mail:


A written registration is required. Places are allocated in order of receipt of registrations.

Venue and how to get there

Evangelische Gemeinde
Engsbachstr. 61

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