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Midsummer Night Celebration: Wave at the Wood.



16:00 - 22:00

Midsummer night (St John’s Eve) is the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere and the time of the sun’s maximum elevation.

There are many ancient customs and rituals related to this magical day.

Our Midsummer night celebration takes place outdoors, in free nature. We dance through the rhythms on a beautifully situated estate – in direct contact with the elements earth, fire, water and wind.
We then will honour earth's elements in a ceremonial circle and gather for a common meal.

Barbecuing area near the recreation area of the Mühlheim-Dietesheim stone quarries
16.00–17.00: Arrival
17.00–19.30: 5 Rhythms & ceremonial circle in honour of the elements
19.30–22.00: Barbecue and common meal
€ 23 on arrival, no registration required.
What do I have to bring along? Shoes that are fit for dancing on a meadow, suitable clothing and everything that is necessary for a fine barbecue and meal. There's a charcoal grill on location, but we might need some accessories like barbecue tongs etc.
The Midsummer night celebration will take place even when the weather is variable, since the location is partly roofed. In case of continual rainfall, however, the event will have to be cancelled. I will inform you at short notice on my website.

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