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5 Rhythms Annual Group 2014, Module 3



11:00 - 17:30

Module 3: Chaos / Sorrow

Chaos teaches us to deal in a creative way with the unexpected and surprising.

Sorrow allows us to relieve ourselves. Accepted sorrow is an energy which purifies us and helps us to let go in order to deal with change in a healthy way.

Unlived sadness inevitably leads to depression. How do we habitually deal with our sorrow and sadness, what is our attitude towards these feelings? Is there such a thing as crybabies? Is it “manly” to cry?

When we are sad, our vulnerability, which makes clear what we wish and need, becomes visible.


  • Module 1: May, 17-18
  • Module 2: July, 12-13
  • Module 3: September, 20-21
  • Module 4: November, 22-23

11:00 – 17:30

Prerequisites for participation: Participants must have at least 20 hours’ experience of 5 Rhythms workshops or classes.

The annual group can only be booked and paid for as a whole (all 4 modules).
Places are allocated in the order of registrations/money transfers.


A written registration is required. Places are allocated in order of receipt of registrations.

Venue and how to get there

Hamburger Allee 94
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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