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Dancing Emotions I – The permission to be who I am



11:00 - 17:30

5 Rhythms „Heartbeat“ Workshop

Dancing Emotions I – The permission to be who I am

In this workshop we explore our body’s knowledge of our heart and dance through the 5 Rhythms with the energy of our emotions. Feeling and expressing through motion the many facets of our feelings, we become familiar with them. It also relieves us and causes our vitality to flow. For to hold back emotions is exhausting. Suppressed emotions burden us and, if they have been bottled up long enough, they may erupt in an explosive and totally inappropriate way.

The more we become familiar with our emotions, the more it is us who decide our actions. We are able to stop emotional “loops” that have seemed to dominate our lives so far.

By developing a physical vocabulary for our emotions, we are able to better adjust them without being flooded with them.

We are able to act clearly, adequately, authentically and from heart.

When we allow ourselves to be one with our emotions, we allow ourselves to be who we are in all our plenitude.

Prerequisites for participation: Participants must have attended at least one 5 Rhythms class or workshop.

Early bird discount: written registration and money transfer until August 5, 2011: € 65, after this date: € 75.

A written registration is required. Places are allocated in order of receipt of registrations.

For information and registration, please contact Heike Fuhsy and Heera Müller, phone +49 (0)2308-2153 or +49 (0)178-4723872, email:

Before the workshop, there will be a 5 Rhythms evening session with Andrea Brecht on Saturday, September 17, 2011 (19.30 - 22.00) at Villa Vita. Participation does not require participation in next day’s workshop.
Fee: € 20 / reduced fee for workshop participants: € 15.

Venue and how to get there

Villa Vita
Gabelsbergerstr. 28
59425 Unna

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