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AccepDance and Intention



11:00 - 17:00

Each of the 5 rhythms is like a catalyst that allows us to unlock the door to our psyche and to heal it through dance.
In Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness we discover different and sometimes unknown aspects of ourselves.
In this workshop we focus on the qualities of the first two rhythms, Flowing and Staccato. In Flowing we experience how it feels to be carried while we move. We go with the flow of everything that wants to evolve. We are open to give ourselves to the continuous and fluid movement. We accept the moment for what it is.
In Staccato we give direction to our movement – we take on forms, make decisions and commit ourselves. We are fully determined and single-minded: We have a clear intention.

In Flowing and Staccato we embody aspects that are opposites. Basically, the two aspects are important for us and it is good to have access to both, the quality of Flowing and the quality of Staccato, to find a balance between the two.
In this workshop we will dance through a Wave and follow the natural dynamic of the 5 Rhythms, even though the focus is put on the first two rhythms.

This workshop is suited for both, experienced 5 Rhythms dancers and people who want to get to know the 5 Rhythms.


A written registration is required. Places are allocated in order of receipt of registrations.

Venue and how to get there

Hamburger Allee 94
60486 Frankfurt am Main

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