Questions and answers about 5 Rhythms events

Sometimes I don’t feel like dancing with a partner. Is it okay then to dance alone?

The answer is yes, when you still need time to feel yourself, to get connected with yourself, because only when you are connected to yourself you can truly tune in on someone else. Otherwise, there is “nobody at home” to be visited and to share a dance with.

Do respect the time you need for yourself.

The answer is no, when your reluctance is caused by thoughts such as: “I can’t do this. I don’t know what to do. I am not good enough for my partner. My partner is not good enough for me. I can’t dance to this music with a partner, etc.” Recognize these thoughts for what they are: human pretexts, excuses and expressions of reluctance. Do not let them dominate you. Instead, start moving with your shyness, your self-doubt and your arrogance. Use your dance as a chance to experiment with these different sides of your personality.

When you recognize and express your feelings, your feelings can change.

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