Body language trainings

Body Language Trainings

During my years of teaching I was increasingly impressed with the extraordinarily positive development of both the outward appearance and the overall presence of the people who attended my seminars and workshops. So I gradually developed the idea of sharing my knowledge in the field of body language, expression and communication in seminars especially designed for business companies.

In 2006 I decided to acquire further knowledge and skills in the field of business trainings at Dr. Baldinger & Partner. I took part in the program “Train the Trainer” that has a strong focus on experience-oriented training, and have ever since been a certified trainer of the German Association for Training and Coaching (dvct, Deutscher Verband für Training und Coaching).

Be it a customer meeting or a team meeting, an oral presentation or a sales pitch, it is not only expert knowledge and a well thought message that makes verbal communication successful. Nonverbal signals and body language make up a large proportion of human communication and therefore are as crucial to success as expert knowledge and a well-thought message.

A presentation truly reaches the audience when facial expression, body language and the accentuation of words are consciously employed and consistent with the message.

We perceive consistent people as being genuine and competent. Their charisma evokes sympathy, trust and respect, all of which are paramount for winning new customers, confidently defining a position or successfully giving a presentation.

My trainings focus on:

  • conscious employment of body language, voice and emotions
  • attaining consistency of message and body posture
  • attaining consistency of body language and individual style
  • expanding the vocabulary of your body language by movement
  • increasing your self-assurance and authenticity
  • increasing your presence and charisma
  • recognizing and using your resources and personal strengths
Andrea Brecht - Body language trainings - Picture 1
Andrea Brecht - Body language trainings - Picture 2